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NamePlaceNumber of PeopleFirst DateLast Date
?United Kingdom - Buckinghamshire, England118341834
ANNUnited Kingdom - Torquay, Devon, England118491849
BARNESUnited Kingdom - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England119271948
BECKETTUnited Kingdom - Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire, England117571757
BURCHUnited Kingdom - Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire, England118461846
BURNEYCanada - Kensington118591859
United Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England918621970
United Kingdom - Reading Berkshire England120012001
United Kingdom - St Helens, Lancashire118671867
United Kingdom - 2 Stoll Lane, Salford Lancashire England119261926
United Kingdom - Chorlton Upon Medlock, Lancashire, England119221922
BURNHAMUnited Kingdom - Weston Turville, Buckinghamshire, England117941794
CHESWORTHUnited Kingdom - Middlewich, Cheshire, England118381838
United Kingdom - Northwich Cheshire England118631863
United Kingdom - Northwich Union Workhouse, Davenham, Leftwich, Cheshire, England118411841
United Kingdom - Prestwich, Lancashire, England118851885
United Kingdom - Cheshire, England618211876
CLAREUnited Kingdom - Miles Platting, Manchester, England218651887
United Kingdom - Northwich Cheshire England119231923
United Kingdom - Prestwich, Lancashire, England118851885
United Kingdom - Runcorn, Cheshire, England418341841
United Kingdom - Salford Lancashire England119141935
United Kingdom - Warrington, Cheshire, England218031850
United Kingdom - Winnington, Cheshire, England418911897
United Kingdom - 107 Florence Street, Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire119331933
United Kingdom - Chorlton Upon Medlock, Lancashire, England119221922
COOPERUnited Kingdom - Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England119291929
United Kingdom - Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England118521852
COXUnited Kingdom - Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire, England318311833
DALYUnited Kingdom - Salford Lancashire England119351935
FITZPATRICKUnited Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England118541877
HAGGERUnited Kingdom - Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, England119251942
HAWKESUnited Kingdom - Long Ditton, Surrey, England518351846
United Kingdom - Thames Ditton, Surrey, England118031803
United Kingdom - Westminster, London, England118331833
HEALYIreland - Kingstown, Galway118461846
United Kingdom - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England118701870
HERRIGEUnited Kingdom - Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire, England118431843
HITCHCOCKUnited Kingdom - Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England117731773
HOLLANDUnited Kingdom - Northwich Cheshire England119231923
HUSHIONUnited Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England119181945
LETTESUnited Kingdom - Cheshire, England118061806
LEVERUnited Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England118291829
United Kingdom - Warrington, Cheshire, England118501850
LOCKETTUnited Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England219471949
United Kingdom - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England119451945
LUDGATEUnited Kingdom - Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England118031803
MARGARETUnited Kingdom - St Helens, Lancashire118381838
MARYUnited Kingdom - Warrington, Cheshire, England118031803
MATTHEWSAnglesy, Wales.1??
United Kingdom - Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire, England4417531885
United Kingdom - Droylsden Lancashire England418831892
United Kingdom - Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, England818741942
United Kingdom - Macclesfield Cheshire England119481948
United Kingdom - Manchester, Lancashire, England719141952
United Kingdom - Middleton Lancashire England219551956
United Kingdom - Northenden Manchester England119981998
United Kingdom - Oldham, Lancashire, England119641964
United Kingdom - Salford Lancashire England119501950
United Kingdom - Stockport Cheshire England219121966
United Kingdom - Upper Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England218011822
United Kingdom - Westminster, London, England118331833
United Kingdom - Wilmslow Court Residetntial Home, 362 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, Lancashire, England120032003
United Kingdom - Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England119531953
United Kingdom - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England119271927
United Kingdom - Bedfordshire ? Buckinghamshire, England117531753
United Kingdom - Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England119481948
United Kingdom - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England218811945
United Kingdom - Clyde Court, Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester, England119931993
United Kingdom - Didsbury Manchester England319401953
United Kingdom - Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England2617841915
MILESUnited Kingdom - Aston Sandford, Buckinghamshire, England118731873
United Kingdom - Stone, Buckinghamshire, England118511851
MUNDAYUnited Kingdom - Upper Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England117941794
PRIESTNALLUnited Kingdom - Droylsden Lancashire England818421883
United Kingdom - Stockport Cheshire England119121912
United States of America - Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA119231923
United States of America - Woodlawn Cemetery, Penacook, New Hampshire, USA119281928
United Kingdom - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England118701870
United Kingdom - Didsbury Manchester England119721972
SWALLOWUnited Kingdom - Pennistone Yorkshire England118611861
United Kingdom - Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England118811881
WILLIAMSUnited Kingdom - Cheshire, England618061876
YOUNGUnited Kingdom - Dinton, Buckinghamshire, England118611932


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